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I'm an Irish / Italian, identical twin, who grew up in the Maryland / Northern Virginia area. As a kid, I had fun creating art, but never thought I would actually have a career in it, despite my family's encouragement. Before immersing myself into the world of animation, I wanted to study sound and perhaps be a Foley artist. After my first year of general education in college, and not quite steering in the direction of sound, I found I was even more intrigued with animation. I felt it was the perfect match for me, merging my scientific and analytical side, with my creative and artistic side. Making something unreal appear real using motion was really exciting to me.

Previously, I studied at George Mason University, earning a Bachelor's in Art Studio, concentrating in Digital Arts and Animation. Unfortunately, only one 3D animation class was available during my time there, but I did receive a strong foundation in art history, traditional art, and other digital media classes.

To further my studies in 3D animation, I attended Vancouver Film School's immersive 3D Animation and VFX program, where I received a Diploma in 3D Animation. At the end of the year, I was awarded the VFS Scholarship, which is an extra term (two months) to polish my demo reel or use for independent study.

Aside from animating, some of my interests include neoclassical and power metal music, post-apocalyptic media, sword and sorcery, paranoia / conspiracy, science, and the nitty gritty details. I love adventures, such as white water rafting and camping, but am usually consumed by the computer's inviting glow. hehe.

Animation is my passion. I enjoy interacting in groups and coming up with fun, creative art. I learn fast, have a lot of energy and enjoy new challenges!

Hello there ;-)